Intellixir New Release 15

15 years experience in the analysis of non-patent literature

With Orbit Intellixir, Questel is continuing its evolution towards the implementation of a system that increasingly covers the analysis of scientific and technical information.

In 2002, Intellixir was the first web application on the market to offer a capacity for joint analysis of scientific articles and patents.

Since 15 years we're making analyses more exhaustive, answering to demanding users who ask analyze new types of structured information: Clinical trials, News or Designs.

Version 15 focuses on this diversity: by differentiating more clearly the information's types and by developing specific analyses to improve the system's productivity and relevance.

Fully integrated in our Intellectual Property Business Intelligence (IPBI) software line, Orbit Intellixir is now proud to offer the Landscape map analysis for any information sources.

Discover other improvements coming with this version:

- The highlighting system has been redeveloped to make it possible to locate detected occurrences in long texts more quickly.
- Expansion of the use of Excel format for data exchange between users and the System.
- It is now possible to set a default color for an organization, a country or a custom field value on all studies.
- Improvement of the de-duplication of articles by taking into account the DOI.

Discover improvements only for Orbit Intelligence users:

- Ability to display information on a family member's patent in the original language.
- Improved display for Orbit Intelligence Workfiles in the list and folder import interface.
- Ability to import the description from these lists and folders.
- Possibility to import the scores (stars) assigned to documents in Orbit Intelligence (the comments were already imported from the previous version).

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