Intellixir 13 New Release

An upgrade that will bring you luck for sure!

Fall is coming and with it, the Intellixir release 13 and its brand new Chemistry Module and Report Maker.
Joins us at the Frankfurt event (end of October 2016) to learn more about Intellixir 13 and its Chemistry Module, result of a mutual collaboration between Questel and ChemAxon; read more in this press release Questel partners with ChemAxon in 2016.

Intellixir new Chemistry Module

A brand new structure display of Chemical names to help experts analyze documents: browse, categorize and analyze studies through molecules!

A step towards chemistry professionals had already been made in the Intellixir release 12 with the "Annotator", thanks to the collaboration between Intellixir and ChemAxon.
With this release 13, in addition to this chemical structure display within documents, a full "Chemistry analysis" Module can be activated for you, pharma. or chemistry experts. (Effective for all imported data in Intellixir (i.e. Patents, Journal Articles and Clinical trials)).

Learn more about this partnership viewing this video (Budapest Conference 2016).

The Neighbour Words Search

A way towards the "serendipity" or "the fortunate coincidence"!

A new vocabulary search is now available: through this engine you will obtain the closest terms (by frequency) from a chosen word or expression. Then, you will be able to browse documents containing these found terms or to refine your custom field values with new "ideas" ...

A Brand New Report Maker

The Report Maker improvement offers a new user friendly reports editing interface: one of its main new functionalities is a one slide statistic update or the whole report update in just one click.
Once shared on EasyLixir (the Intellixir end-user interface), reports are readable in Slideshow or Dynamic mode:
turn it ON and your charts become interactive, like magic!

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