Frequently Asked Questions
about our patents and scientific articles analysis software

How many users are associated to my company’s annual subscription?

An INTELLLIXIR license is systematically global for a signatory organization: any member of said organization is allowed to access the System. The number of administrators and the number of analysts may be limited by contract, only the end-users (readers) are unlimited. Intellixir is designed as a multi-user platform in order to foster collaboration: (the) Intellixir administrator(s) designated within the company can create as many end-user accounts as (he/she) they want(s) Administrators can be located in France, and experts halfway across the world… Collaborative work is not bound to geographical barriers anymore (the sky is the limit).

How does Intellixir work in organizations?

Each client organization has a dedicated server that we provide. The server runs the Intellixir software and hosts the data, figures and reports. All users owning IDs can use their computer web browser (recent ones, (> IE 10)) to access the organization Intellixir server (data, figures, reports). Hence, many users can use Intellixir simultaneously and moreover, work on a same study.

Is my data secured? Where is my data being stored?

The application is hosted on our servers. We ensure secure data exchange through the HTTPS protocol, as online banking does. Our servers are dedicated computers hosted in a secure environment, both from an IT and a physical standpoint. We kindly provide data security audits at your request.
Maintenance and data saving are performed by INTELLIXIR. We contractually commit ourselves to acknowledging your technical problems within 48 hours.
Besides, at any time, you can export your data in TSV format, including the enrichings you may have brought online.

What kind of computer configuration do I need?

All you need is a computer capable to run a recent Internet browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (version later than IE10)... And, obviously, an Internet connection.

What kind of data can I analyze with Intellixir?

Intellixir is specialized in structured information processing. Data is extracted from scientific databases that your company subscribed to, or else from in-house databases you rework to format your documents to our requirements (the Intellixir.tsv import filter provided in our system). In concrete terms, you export your documents (patents and/or scientific articles), then you import them into Intellixir. Intellixir enables data import from multiple sources: Medline™, Patbase™, Orbit™, Thomson Innovation™, STN™, WoS™, Scopus™,™… We can also create specific import filters (for instance, in case you have in-house sources) upon request.

Can I import documents from the web?

Yes, only if a structured export is proposed, through software like Orbit Web Monitor (Qwam), Digimind, AMI Software, Iscope, KbCrawl for instance..., but you need to keep in mind that you might lack the metadata in your analyze and the treatment of multilingual data is limited in this case.

Can I merge scientific articles and patents?

Yes, you can merge scientific articles and patents in a single Intellixir study.

Is there a restriction on the number of studies I can create on Intellixir?

The number of studies (digital workplaces) is limited to 300. (The total number of batches/files imported is limited to 300Mo.)
Your studies can contain several batches of documents, include both patents and articles and be updated with more recent batches.
(Depending on your company contract choice, this limit can be reduced to 10 studies.)

A new version of Intellixir is released every 6 months. How much does it cost, and what is the update process like?

New versions of the system are part of your annual subscription. They are automatically updated onto the system, without any intervention on your part. You access new versions immediately upon their release. Our technical team updates all the servers twice a year.

What is the cost of the help desk?

Unrestricted access to the Help Desk is included in your subscription. Our Support Team is readily available on business days by phone (toll-free number) or by e-mail to solve your technical problems or answer your methodological questions. We strive to never leave you unassisted with Intellixir. A users’ forum, methodological documents and video tutorials are also available for our customers.

Who is Intellixir geared towards?

The Intellixir users mainly work in technology related large industries (cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medical, materials, chemical, energy, and more). Another small portion of our users are service providers, such as technological watch and intellectual property consultants, or universities.

Is Intellixir adapted to small businesses?

Intellixir is mainly designed for large organizations. Contact us to see if we can work together or find an information service provider for you.

We are consultants, can we use Intellixir?

Yes, we have a license tailored for consultants. Contact us to learn more about this license.

Do you provide training sessions?

Remote training sessions are including in our offer. Complementary sessions can also be arranged according to your company’s needs.

Do you have in-house experts that can carry out turnkey projects?

No, Intellixir is not a service company. The Intellixir program allows you to involve your experts in your studies.

Can I try Intellixir?

Absolutely! Our Demo version is made readily available to your organization so you can test Intellixir yourself. We have a demo folder, on which we implement a study based either on your datasets or on our sample batches. You will have unrestricted access to this demo server for the defined time with your Account Manager at Questel. Our Support Team will gladly assist you during this period, according to your needs.
On Demo, your user level of rights will be limited and thus you cannot use all features like our Reference Affiliation gathering (assignee labels), if you need to test Intellixir in a complete way, your Questel Account Manager could propose you a 3 months contract period instead for your trial.