Indicators & Dashboards


Within a company:

- To dispose of a quantitative analysis about issued patents by technologic domains.
- To quantify your organization’s scientific production and then to rank it among the other organizations.
- To evaluate the research teams’ impact and to examine the publication rhythms of whether actors, authors or research organizations.


A technology company periodically reports its activities to internal committees.
Bibliometrics allow it to measure the competitiveness and dynamism of its research teams by quantifying the scientific publications issued under the name of company, its research center, and its many business divisions.


Articles come from Web of Science™ and Scopus™


Process the labels identifying companies and organizations with the help of the Intellixir’s interface of consolidation.
You will be able to realize manually chosen grouping and automatic grouping with the organizations’ names affiliated to the documents.

  • Homogenizing the organizations’ names
  • Spliting up one organization’s name into many names (labels) according to the presence of different laboratories’ names
  • Deleting the artefacts
  • Renaming/correcting the misspelled labels
  • Merging the authors’ namesake

Visualize statistic results and measures to:

  • Measure the main organisms’ number of publications
  • Measure the number of publications, through time, for an organization
  • Analyze its collaboration network
  • Identify research teams
  • Measure a team’s or an author’s number of publications
  • Measure the number of citations credited to an author or an organism

Register your indicators (ID) and create your dashboards:

  • Preselecting the list of authors or organizations to follow their evolution throughout your documents’ importations in the Intellixir system or your updates.
  • Saving your measurements, graphic representations in a report you could import inside MS Word.
  • Exporting data, measurements and statistic figures identified inside Intellixir to MS Excel and create your dashboard.


The Intellixir system keeps the users’ parameters while processes are made:
Organizations’ labels grouping, irrelevant documents elimination, documents categorization... that’s why the dashboards are provided pretty fast and in a reproducible way, regardless of who is the user.

Intellixir advantage

> The INTELLIXIR interface allows processing and consolidating multiple company and organization affiliations, enabling you to make customized and automatic groupings from the names of organizations assigned to the documents.
> Visualize statistical results and measures.
> Save your indicators and create your dashboard.