Collaboration Search & Competitive Intelligence


> Identify individuals and organizations with which the R&D division can effectively collaborate.
> Identify and assess the competition.


A successful company needs to identify experts that can collaborate on product development. The criteria required include:

> Experience in the specified technologies.
> Previous work with European organizations.
> A history of on-going activity in the field.


> 1300 Patents from Chemical Abstracts in STN™.
> 700 articles from Chemical Abstracts in STN™.


In a targeted domain corpus, point out the most relevant organizations and human being, following the user’s benchmarks. Browse the statistic information about actors, authors and companies.

  • Main actors identification: companies, research organizations, universities, authors, inventors.
  • Actors publishing the most
  • Actors having the most of co-authors
  • Actors publishing more and more about the domain
  • Actors using the most one particular concept inside their publications
  • Which companies are leading on the checked out sector.
  • Emerging actors: companies, organizations, countries, human being.

Select the candidates and visualize information about them:

  • Publications list
  • Their own collaboration network
  • More frequent concept inside their publications
  • Organizations with which they collaborate
  • Competitive organizations
  • Their skills and weaknesses: their favorite domain and their weak points
  • Observing their activity evolution through time
  • Comparing one company with another using one point of its activity


INTELLIXIR’s tools enabled the company to efficiently analyze the 2000 documents.
Within five hours, the company had a list of 20 candidates with whom it could confidently initiate negotiations for collaboration, and it had insight into current competitors and their collaborative history.

Intellixir advantage

> Rank authors/inventors and organizations against metadata and concepts defined by the user.
> Generate visuals and interactive displays to quickly target relevant candidates and survey the competition.