Innovation Watch: Technology Landscape


> Study the technological evolution of a particular field.
> Detect emerging technologies.
> Identify related technology the company has overlooked.


A leading company wants an overview of technologies of its field.

Analyzed information

3500 patents from Thomson-Derwent™ and PatBase™.
2500 scientific publications from Scopus™.


Categorization of documents by type of known devices:
  • Custom fields creation with the expert vocabulary
  • Terminological lists insertion: lexicon, thesaurus
Visualization of graphic representations on statistics:
  • Bar graph comparing the different devices by their number of patent over them.
  • Evolution measurement, through time, on the number of patents over the different type of devices.
  • To check out the main companies having patented over these different type of devices
Uncategorized information Analysis
  • Specific statistic on this set of documents
  • Reading notices
Weak signals Analysis
  • Emerging elements search (IPC, vocabulary, actors) inside the lists and diagram about the elements appearing and disappearing by a chosen period of time.
  • Increasing elements search (IPC, vocabulary, actors) inside the lists and diagram about the elements use acceleration.
  • Innovating actors’ identification, example: companies using an emerging vocabulary.
  • Identification of actors which both publish articles and patent.


Two experts used INTELLIXIR in a one-month analysis of the 6,000 articles and patents. Their report delineated the technologies which the company has mastered and those it has not. "minimizing
risks and costs."
The report helped company executives and R&D decision makers strategize how best to focus the company’s resources using its new understanding of gaps in the field.

Intellixir advantage

> Analysis of metadata.
> Analysis of uncategorized data and text.
> Analysis of weak signals.
> Graphical visualization of technology classifications, text concepts, and emerging concepts and players.