Prior state-of-the-art


A company wants to determine the patentability of a product as part of a specific patent application.


A company wants to check out the patentability of a « product » use as part of a specific « application »

Analyzed information

> 600 patents from Questel™.
> 1700 abstracts from Medline™.


Categorization of documents depending on the experts’ benchmarks:
  • Custom fields creation: « products » and « applications »
  • Terminological lists insertion: lexicon, thesaurus.
Visualization of graphic representations on statistics between these products and applications:
  • Bar graph comparing sets of documents ranked by type of products and type of applications.
  • Bubble graph enables to identify documents linking products to applications.
  • Cartographies to point out on actors (organizations or authors/inventors) which publish or patent over a product incorporated in an application above.
Uncategorized information Analysis
  • Specific statistics on unassigned documents.
  • Reading the unassigned documents
  • Unassigned documents insertion into already made categories, new categories creation, or else, not relevant documents deletion.


In 10 hours of work, 2300 documents (1700 articles, 600 patents) have been processed, about 300 documents have been « browsed » by the experts, "prevention is
always better
than cure"
30 documents have been retained (founders of the domain knowledge, bothering/blocking patents, innovating articles...). The Intellixir system achieves in a short period, compatible with industry or technology sectors (experts disponibility, reactivity on the market...), to fulfill its client’s objectives.

Intellixir advantage

> Categorization of documents based on researcher’s criteria.
> Viewing of statistical displays between products and applications
> Analysis of uncategorized data and text.