About Intellixir

In September 2015 Intellixir joined Questel company ...read more
In September 2016 ChemAxon equipped Intellixir ...read more

The Intellixir Company was founded in 2002, in France, by Jean-Michel Careil with the goal of realizing a solution that could track the technological innovation and intellectual property developments of organizations in all areas of scientific and technical endeavor.

The Intellixir software was created to enable information professionals, research analysts and competitive intelligence specialists to efficiently and effectively manage the ever increasing number of patents and scientific publications they faced.

Since the outset, the company has been engaged in continuous system improvement. Features are developed and nurtured by feedback and requirements from users, and have come to include not only rich analytics, but also multi-user collaboration tools such as the expert module and easyLIXIR.
Intellixir is about creating the most advanced analytics tools for innovative companies, and about sharing an exciting experience with passionate people. Intellixir was headquartered in Provence (Manosque-France), with offices in Montpellier, France and in Washington D.C., USA.

In september 2015, the Intellixir company joined Questel, Intellectual Property Publisher, and its eponym software was integrated to the Questel IP Business Intelligence suite . One year later in 2016, ChemAxon, Chemistry specialist, started a collaboration with Questel and equipped Intellixir.
While new clients join every year, Jean-Michel and his team are dedicated to providing clients with the same element of quality that made the system successful in the first place - great user support.